Erik van Huisstede biography

Erik van Huisstede | self-portrait

Erik van Huisstede started taking photographs with a Kodak Brownie 'E' at the age of nine. When he was eleven years old he compiled his first slide show. The ability to tell a story, not only with words but also with pictures, fascinated him from a young age.

Following his graduation from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (Delft University of Technology) he specialised in Technical Communication: the design of 'user manuals' — once again: storytelling by means of words and pictures.
At the same time pictograms began to fascinate him more and more: symbols as visual instructions. This led to his first short movie and PhotoTableau ‘Forbidden for Dogs’.

Over time he approaches the medium of photography in a more free and diverse way. This leads to the use of his street photography for the PhotoBOX-project and for the Veridica: photography as 'compositum', layered and mixed photo images.

Short movie ‘Forbidden for Dogs’ for VPRO’s ‘Kijkers’.

First two PhotoTableaux (‘Forbidden for Dogs’ and ‘#1-100’) shown by Galerie Poonberg,
Rotterdam: summer exhibition ‘Stiefkinderen & Winkeldochters’.

Lauréat at Les Nuits Photographiques, Paris with the short movie ‘100 Seconds’.
Participant in the Les Nuits Photographiques presentation, Les Rencontres Photographiques at Arles.

Short movie ‘50 Skulls + 1 (Julie understood)’ toured Europe and the USA with the Stop-Motion project by Sarah Klein.

Juror Award of Merit for ‘Light My Heart’ (2012, Arezzo) and ‘Don’t Walk’ (2012, New York), International Fine Art Photography Competition / Grand Prix de la Découverte.
Solo exhibition ‘PhotoTableaux, PhotonGraphy, Pictures!’, Academisch Genootschap, Eindhoven.

Guest teacher/photographer for the ‘Grand Project Photography’, primary school Het Landje, Rotterdam.
‘100 Seconds’ screened at Le Cinéma des Photographes, Paris.

First commissioned works.

A selection of the exhibition ‘PhotoTableaux, PhotonGraphy, Pictures!’ is shown by Otter-speer Haasnoot & Partners, Rotterdam.

Lecturer ‘Product Photography’ at the Department of Industrial Design Engineering, The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Exhibition «À Paris !», Atelier Néerlandais, during the Mois de la Photo, Paris.
Introduction of the PhotoBOX.

Beginning of the Veridica studies.

Beginning of the Veridica inferno studies in order to illustrate Dante Alighieri’s ‘La Divina Commedia’.
Solo exhibition ‘Veridica’, Domicilie Bos-Looze, Rotterdam.

Solo exhibition «Veridica + Inferno», Atelier Néerlandais, Paris.
Exhibition ‘Mare~Terra’, Kunstschouw Zeeland, Kerkwerve.

Solo exhibition ‘Veridica Et Cetera’, Galerie Sophie, The Hague.

Exhibition «Les Miniatures», Atelier Néerlandais, Paris.


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Walk/Don't Walk (2006, Nice)
Walk/Don't Walk (2006, Nice)