Erik van Huisstede designer & photographer.

Derived from his work in the field of technical documentation, he began to make his ‘PhotoTableaux’ in the early 2000's. Each of these photographic works depict 100 different images (collected world-wide) based on one theme – an apparently identical subject appears always to be interestingly very different.

Based on these works his first short, diaporamic movie ‘Forbidden for Dogs’ (made for VPRO's ‘Kijkers’ [‘Spectators’]) aired on Dutch television several times during 2005/2006.

His short movie ‘50 Skulls + 1 (Julie understood)’ traveled with the Stop & Go 3D tour (2012/2013) through Europe and the USA.

With the short movie ‘100 Seconds’ he was a lauréat at Les Nuits Photographiques - The festival dedicated to pictures in motion # 2nd edition (2012) in Paris, France. ‘100 Seconds’ was shown during Les Rencontres Photographiques (2012), Arles, France.

In 2013 he received two Juror Awards of Merit from the International Fine Art Photography Competition / Grand Prix de la Découverte.

He had his first solo exhibtion in 2013 at the Academisch Genootschap ['Academic Society'], Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

During 2014/2016 his work was on show at Otterspeer, Haasnoot & Partners, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In 2016 he showed his work during the Mois de la Photo / Paris Photo at the Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, France.


20, rue N.D. de Nazareth
75003 PARIS - France
Phone +33(0)1 - 42 71 41 87

Zijdewindestraat 31-a
3014 NK ROTTERDAM - The Netherlands
Phone +31(0)10 - 413 41 46

Cellular +31(0)6 - 33 72 49 06

Erik van Huisstede
Autoportrait at the Gaîté Lyrique (2011, Paris)