introduced during Paris Photo 2016


What is it?

A unique collection of photos that you will build up over the years.
Never-be-seen-before photographs, vintage images, studies for forthcoming projects, and even yet-to-be-made photos.
There are 4 series of 25 editions, each consisting of 99 photos.

PhotoBOX Blue series #01

To store the photos safely you can order the PhotoBOX
— a handmade wooden collector’s box in which the photos fit nicely.
The lid of every PhotoBOX has its own unique imprint.

PhotoBOX Picture Tall Wide PhotoBOX Picture Square

The collector’s box offers you the possibility to display the photo’s.
Mounts for tall, wide and square photos are included.

How does it work?

Every year, you will receive six photos, signed and numbered, by post.
You can start/stop your subscription at any time.

PhotoBOX (box01) Blue series, november 2016; exhibition ‘À Paris !’ at the Atelier Néerlandais, Paris

How to order?

Complete the order form (PhotoBOX_Order_Form.pdf) and send it in.
On receipt of the form I will confirm your order and send an invoice.
Your subscription starts on receipt of your payment.

You can order:

PhotoBOX specifications

PhotoBOX (box01) Blue series, november 2016; exhibition ‘À Paris !’ at the Atelier Néerlandais, Paris

Photo sizes

Tall: 180 x 270 [mm] (7,08" x 10,63")
Wide: 270 x 180 [mm] (10,63" x 7,08")
Square: 270 x 270 [mm] (10,63" x 10,63")
C-print (Durst Lambda) on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

Collector’s box

Plywood/white HPL, PES ribbon, glass, acid free mounts.
Sliding lid: aluminium/dibond with wooden handle
— each lid has its own unique imprint.
The sliding lid is reversable in order to be able to show the photos;
glass + three mounts for the different photo sizes are included.

Size: 300 x 300 x 100 [mm] (11,81" x 11,81" x 3,93")
Weight ** 3,3 [kg] (6,6 [lb])

Handmade in The Netherlands or Italy.
‘White gloves’ included.

Series & Editions

Photos: limited edition of 99 photos per PhotoBOX; signed + numbered.
Collector’s box: limited edition of 25 per series; signed + numbered.
Five design prototypes (artist’s proofs); numbered # 01-05.

PhotoBOX series
Photos Handle
Design prototypes
1-99 Blue series
# 01 # 03
1-99 Red series
# 02
1-99 Yellow series
# 04
1-99 Green series
Stone Oak
# 05

PhotoBOX Red series #03
PhotoBOX (box03) Red series

* VAT + shipping included. Shipping of the PhotoBOX collector’s box outside the European Union: + € 35,-
Subscriptions are valid for 1 year. Subscriptions can start/stop at any time.
Renewal of subscription by payment of annual invoice..

Prices valid until 1 February 2019.

** Weight: of collector's box without photos; weight may vary slightly from box to box.
Specifications subject to change


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